Road Safety Round

Road Safety Round a Victorian Rugby initiative between the TAC and the Melbourne Rebels

TAC Road Safety Round took place on August 5th 2023 for Round 14 of the Rugby Victoria Premiership, Premiership Reserves and Championship clubs to promote road safety within Victoria.

The Road Safety Round is a significant event aimed at raising awareness about road safety and honouring the lives lost on the roads in Victoria. This initiative, organised by the Melbourne Rebels in collaboration with the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), and Rugby Victoria, provides a platform for your club make a positive impact in their community by actively promoting road safety.

As part of the Road Safety Round, all players, coaches, and supporters are encouraged to wear a blue armband during the matches. The blue armband symbolises our collective commitment to remembering the lives lost on the roads and creating a safer environment for everyone. This visual representation will serve as a powerful reminder to the broader community about the importance of road safety.

Remember, each of us has someone important in our lives for whom we must drive safely. Let's band together and make a difference in road safety.

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