We Are Mobilise

This partnership, initially fostered by Super Rugby Head Coach Kevin Foote, is about creating a connection for change. The partnership allows Rebels players and staff to be exposed to life experiences and people they would never normally meet, and hopefully foster a connection for change in how we think about homelessness on our streets.

Mobilise was created to journey alongside those experiencing homelessness and explore how we can best make a tangible impact in the lives of those in need. We Are Mobilise provides functional assistance on the streets to our Australian-first direct giving programs that provide sustainable support systems. Their efforts create a substantial impact on a larger scale by championing the cause through their "Igniting a Movement" initiative.

We Are Mobilise has recently implemented their “Direct Giving” program that channels funds directly to individuals facing homelessness. This is empowering individuals to create their own path out of homelessness. They are also developing their ties with Nedd Brockman. Nedd’s Milk is contributing to We Are Mobilise, strengthening their impact on homelessness.

Matched by long-term partner Yakult on their 2022 match day, the Club was delighted to have provided a donation of $2,500, to help with Mobilise’ mission to show that those on the streets are ‘Homeless, Not Hopeless’.

Be sure to follow We Are Mobilise on Instagram to keep up to date with their programs. You can also find out more on their website!

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